Advance Health Directives for Mental Health - Consumer Workshops

Advance Health Directive for Mental Health Consumer, Carer and Family Workshops Coming Soon The new Mental Health Act is...

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Self-Care for Professionals: Navigating the residual effects of trauma

This one day seminar will explore recent developments in neurobiology of trauma and provide links between the neurobiology of...

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Upcoming Sane Carers Forum: Burnout

The busy holiday period is over, which usually means it's the time when burnout hits us. During this live online chat we look...

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Peer Support Groups

A group run by consumers for consumers - Support is a must with recovery and time has shown that peer support/groups work well in...

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Professional Boundaries in Community Services

Community Services workers make judgments regarding boundaries on a daily basis, and these decisions affect not only their own...

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Responding to Challenging / Aggresive Behaviour Professional Development Training

The Responding to Challenging / Aggressive Behavior training has been developed so that staff in the community services sector can...

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