Safe Space Network


The Safe Spaces listed below, were funded for a trial period until June 30th 2019 and are now closed. An evaluation is being compiled, and options for future funding of safe spaces are being explored.  

We acknowledge that this disruption does have an impact on people needing to access safe spaces. If you are in need of support, you may either call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or the My Mental Health Service Navigation team on 1800 752 235. 

What is Safe Space?

Feeling distressed? Need a safe space to go?

A Safe Space is a space that has been specifically chosen to provide a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for people experiencing some level of psychological distress.

What happens at Safe Space?

Visitors attend Safe Spaces to receive support when feeling distressed. They can receive and are expected to participate in at least one of the below activities:
• social and emotional support
• access and support to use Sensory Room
• engage with various sensory activities throughout the space
• safety planning
• information and support for self referral to other relevant community service.

Safe Spaces are run by community mental health organisations, with all staff trained in mental health support and sensory approaches. Safe Space sessions will typically last around an hour. Safe Space is not an accommodation or hardship relief service.

Who can attend?

Visitors self-refer to Safe Space Hubs to gain practical support in managing distress. To be eligible for Safe Space visitors must meet the following criteria:
• over 18 years of age
• experiencing or recently experienced psychological distress
• willing and able to engage actively and safely with the service and staff.

How do I access Safe Space?

Currently there are no Safe Spaces Operating in North Brisbane. 

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