Resource Team

The Resource Team consists of a range of clinical and non-clinical support services who work in collaboration with all parts of the Mental Health Service to provide specialist input.    Members of the Resource Team also work with external service providers such as GPs, Non Government and Government organisations to ensure there is a co-ordinated approach to supporting consumers.  The types of specialist positions include:

  • Indigenous Mental Health Workers
  • Multicultural Mental Health Co-ordinators
  • Primary Care Liaison Officers - liaising with GPs to support shared care.
  • Dual Diagnosis Co-ordinators - supporting people with co-morbid mental health and alcohol and drug issues.
  • Forensic Liaison Officers - supporting consumers who are subject to the provisions of the Mental Health Act 2000.
  • Service Integration Co-ordinators - supporting co-ordination and collaboration between Mental Health Services, other health services, government, non-government and community support services.

Resource Team members are dispersed accross the three hospital sites in the Brisbane North Region. 

NOTE:  There is no direct entry to the Resource Team.  All parts of the Mental Health Service will consult with the specialist positions as required.