Recovery, Consumer & Carer Services


The Consumer and Carer Services team at the Metro North Hospital and Health Service is made up of people who have personally experienced mental illness or who are caring for someone with a mental illness.

Through their lived experience and personal journeys of recovery, the Consumer and Carer Services team are able to relate, in a unique way, to peoples’ experiences, needs and concerns.

Consumer and Carer Services are employed by Metro North Mental Health to deliver recovery-oriented services to support people in their journey of wellbeing.   This includes working alongside clinicians, whilst offering peer support to assist and encourage consumers to drive their own personal recovery.

This work aims to complement the clinical support that people receive from the mental health service.


Consumer and Carer Services can support you to:

• navigate mental health services

• ensure that your rights are respected and also help refer you to the Independent Patient Rights Adviser

• participate in decisions about your personal recovery and treatment plan

• discuss your hopes, goals, concerns and needs with the mental health clinicians who care for you

• share your ideas about how to improve services

• help you understand and use the compliments and complaints process


Positions include:

Director of Recovery, Consumer and Carer Participation

The Director of Recovery leads Metro North Mental Health in the provision of recovery oriented service delivery and provides direction to the Executive Leadership Team about consumer and carer participation.

Consumer Consultants

Consumer Consultants promote consumer and carer participation and offer an understanding from a lived experience to support the Mental Health Service in the planning, delivery and evaluation of a recovery focussed service.  They enable consumer/carer perspectives to be recognised in all aspects of mental health service. 

Carer Consultants

Carer Consultants focus on the needs of families and carers of people with a mental illness. They influence change within the mental health service to better involve and educate carers/families in the treatment and recovery of the person with a mental illness.  Carer Consultants provide the Mental Health Service with advice and representation around carer issues.  They enable consumer/carer perspectives to be included in all aspects of Mental Health Service planning, delivery and evaluation.

Peer Recovery Support Workers

Peer Recovery Support Workers offer peer support and work together with consumers, service providers and Non-Government Organisations to support recovery. A peer is someone who shares a lived experience of mental health issues and who can relate to people who are in a similar situation. Peer Recovery Support Workers can provide you and your family or carers with education, information, referrals and support. 

Consumer Companions

Consumer Companions provide interaction and support for people within the acute inpatient units and extended care facilities. The support and positive interaction that people receive may help them to become more positive about their care, inspire hope for their future, and support self-management and personal responsibility.



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