How to access primary health care

Primary health care is the front line health professionals whom the community comes into contact with to manage their health care needs. Primary health care includes, general practitioners (GP's), nurses, pharmacists, and in the mental health context,  allied health professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists operating in the community setting. 

General Practice (GPs) - Best place to start for people seeking professional help, including diagnosis, treatments and referral.

Mental Health Nursing - Mental health nurses in north Brisbane (MHNIB) provide clinical nursing, care coordination and treatment to people to support the care they are receiving from their GP or Psychiatrist in the community.

Psychologists and Allied Health - Professionals who specialise in supporting people with a mental illness, through talking therapies, and creating behavioural strategies to enable a person to better manage their mental health and wellbeing. 

Psychiatrists - Psychiatrists are doctors who specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. They make medical and psychiatric assessments, conduct medical tests, provide therapy, and also prescribe medication.

Community Pharmacy - Access to medications and a range of services including wellness checks, medication checks and assistance with medication management.

Emergency Alternatives - Sick or injured after hours? if it is urgent call 000, if not, there are other options than making a trip to the hospital emergency department.