Safety Planning

There are lots of different types of safety plans. It's about finding the right one for you.

Here are some websites and apps that enable you to create a safety plan:

  • BeyondNow – Available in Apple, Android and online.  
  • ReMinder – Available in Apple and Android.
  • ReachOut Australia – walks you step by step through writing a safety plan.

If you wish to write your own, start with the following information:

When I should use my Safety Plan
- What are the warning signs that I am starting to feel worse?

What I can do to help myself during times of crisis
- Think about what you've done in the past that has helped. eg, Call a friend, visit a favourite place

What things are most important in my life right now and worth living for

I can contact these people for support during a crisis:
- Write down the names of friends, family, colleagues or professional services you can contact. This may include helplines you have used in the past.

Ways I can keep my environment safe


Keep a copy of your completed safety plan with you at all times. Consider sharing a copy with a trusted person or health professional so they know how to assist you in a crisis.