Low Intensity Psychological Services

Low intensity psychological services are an evidence-based first option for people who:

  • need help managing stress
  • are experiencing a difficult event or transition (i.e. new parents, retirement, leaving school, new job, stressful life event)
  • are experiencing minimal levels of distress but would not meet the criteria for a diagnosis of mental illness 
  • are experiencing mild levels of distress consistent with a diagnosis of mild depression and/or anxiety

Referring to low intensity services as a first option to support people experiencing minimal or mild anxiety and or depression can help:

  • people access free or affordable mental health services (PHN-commissioned low intensity psychological services are free of charge for the person)
  • people from escalating to more moderate and severe mental health conditions
  • reduce waiting lists for more moderate to severe mental health services. 

The Brisbane North PHN commissions the following low intensity services within the Brisbane North region:

Richmond Fellowship Queensland (RFQ) - New Access 

Supports people to tackle day-to-day pressures and set practical goals. Six session coaching program designed by Beyond Blue. 

https://www.rfq.com.au/newaccess/ ph: 1300 159 795 | e: newaccess@rfq.org.au 

Neami National Optimal Health Program

Self-development to build self efficacy - 8 week face to face group program.

www.neaminational.org.au  07 3205 6622 | e: strathpine@neaminational.org.au

World Wellness Group - Problem Management Plus Program

For people who identify as culturally and linguistically diverse, to help people manage stress and adverse situations.

https://worldwellnessgroup.org.au/ 07 3333 2100 | mentalhealth@worldwellnessgroup.org.au 

Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness Sunshine Parenting Program

6 week face to face group program for mothers who have infants (aged between 0–12 months) experiencing mild postnatal depression and/or anxiety symptoms

www.peachtree.org.au 0410 648 239 | sunshine@peachtree.org.au