Low Intensity Psychological Services

Low intensity psychological services are an evidence-based first option for people who:

  • need help managing stress
  • are experiencing a difficult event or transition (i.e. new parents, retirement, leaving school, new job, stressful life event)
  • are experiencing minimal levels of distress but would not meet the criteria for a diagnosis of mental illness 
  • are experiencing mild levels of distress consistent with a diagnosis of mild depression and/or anxiety

Referring to low intensity services as a first option to support people experiencing minimal or mild anxiety and or depression can help:

  • people access free or affordable mental health services (PHN-commissioned low intensity psychological services are free of charge for the person)
  • people from escalating to more moderate and severe mental health conditions
  • reduce waiting lists for more moderate to severe mental health services. 

The Brisbane North PHN has funded six free low intensity services within the Brisbane North region:

MIFQ  NewAccess Program

beyondblue telephone coaching program - supports people tackle day-to-day pressures and set practical goals.

www.mifq.org.au/newaccess  ph: 07 3358 4424 | e: newaccess@mifq.org.au  

Neami National Optimal Health Program

Self-development to build self efficacy - 8 week face to face group program.

www.neaminational.org.au  07 3205 6622 | e: strathpine@neaminational.org.au

Multicultural Development Association Problem Management Plus Program

For people who identify as culturally and linguistically diverse, to help people manage stress and adverse situations.

www.cultureinmind.org.au 07 3333 2100 | support@cultureinmind.org.au 

Hello Sunday Morning Daybreak Program

16 week phone app based program that supports people to reduce alcohol consumption and create healthier habits.

www.daybreakap.io  www.hellosundaymorning.org

Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness Sunshine Parenting Program

6 week face to face group program for mothers who have infants (aged between 0–12 months) experiencing mild postnatal depression and/or anxiety symptoms

www.peachtree.org.au 0487 756 633 | sunshine@peachtree.org.au 

Change Futures Caring for Residents of Aged Care

Well-being program for people living in aged care facilities.

www.changefutures.org.au 07 3857 0847 | info@changefutures.org.au