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Looking for services?

On the home page, click on the ‘support & services’ button to access the services page where you can search various categories for the assistance you require. You may also access this page from the 'services' menu item. From the services page you can navigate to the 'services map' for an overall view of all services pages on the site. 

Looking for a group or activity?

Click on the ‘activities & events’ button on the home page to access the events page. You can search by catchment/type/month/ participant to find what is most suited to your needs. You can select 'map view' to see the location of the event, or list view to see event titles. You can also access the events page by clicking ‘events’ from the main menu at the top of the home page.

Got an event to upload?

Click on the ‘add event’ icon on the home page to use our quick and easy template to upload your event. There is a recurring feature to upload repeat events and an option to add a picture or flyer. Please ensure you keep the email receipt for approved events as this enables you to edit details. Also when putting the name of the organiser, please also put the organisation. 

Can’t find the event?

All our events are uploaded using the event template via ‘add event’. We rely on service providers and event organisers to upload their events to the website. If you can’t find an event or have any problems with the event section, please use the ‘contact us’ option.

Looking for news?

Click on the ‘news' item on the main menu at the top of the home page.

Got a news item?

A news item can include a large event, launch, forum, research report, program or project funding announcement relevant to mental health in North Brisbane. Use the ‘add news’ button on the home page to upload a news item using our online template: It’s quick and easy!

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To receive weekly updates, ‘subscribe’ to our news and events via the buttons on the home page.

Are you on Facebook?

Please like and share our Facebook page to enable others to find us. Either click ‘follow us on Facebook’ on the bottom left of the home page or follow the link:

Want to talk and share with others?

Connect with other people experiencing similar circumstances, ask questions, get advice and share your story. Click on 'online forums' on the home page and check out the SANE forums for people with lived experience and carers. These forums are anonymous.

Looking for consumer and carer information?

Click on ‘consumer and carer’ on the home page main menu, and select either ‘peer participation’ or ‘carer and family support’ to find resources, services and a summary of what’s happening in North Brisbane.

Searching for resources?

Click on the ‘resources’ item on the home page menu and select from community resources and workforce resources.
Community Resources are aimed at anyone in the community, consumers, carers, family members or others who are looking for resources that relate to mental health recovery. They are distinct from workforce resources, that are resources targeted to professionals working in the mental health, health or human services sectors.


If at any stage you require assistance with the my mental health website, please use the ‘contact us’ section from the main menu on the home page.