Carer & Family Support

Family and carer support includes services that provide families and carers of people living with a mental illness with support, information, education and skill development opportunities to fulfill their caring role, while maintaining their own health and well being.

Many carers experience a range of challenges related to their caring role. Some of the issues typically affecting many carers can include:

  • Mental Health

Carers had the lowest collective well being score of any group Deakin University sampled, and had an average rating on the depression scale that is classified as moderate depression (Deakin University, 2009)

  • Physical health

Almost twice as many carers experience poor physical health compared with the general population (Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2008)

  • Isolation

The caring role can be a very isolating one for many carers, who may struggle to maintain family and friendship ties due to the demands of their caring role.

  • Financial hardship

In addition to carrying costs associated with the recipient’s care, carers experience ‘lower rates of full-time employment than the average Australian throughout their working life.’ Many carers live on a carers payment, many of whom have left employment in order to take on a caring role. Carers are also ‘more likely to live in households with lower than average gross incomes’ (Access Economics, 2015).

  • Re-entering the workforce

For many carers, a loss of relevant vocational skills can make returning to the workforce a challenge.

  • Loss & Grief

Carers may experience loss & grief throughout their caring role. The onset of the caring relationship means for some carers a loss of independence, of work, of the relationship which they previously enjoyed with the care recipient. Loss & grief is also a common experience of carers who have lost the person they have been caring for.

There are a great number of reading resources now available online for carers. We have listed here some valuable ones here which may serve as a useful starting point for you as you learn more about the caring role and what works for you. Just click on the blue name to take you to the resource. 

The following organisations provide family & carer support services in the North Brisbane region.To find out what each one provides for carers, click on that organisation:

To locate a Carers Qld group or activity in your region, click here 

Carers Resources (click on the name and it will take you to the website):

Beyond Blue Guide for Carers

Mental Health Resources for Carers (MHR4C)

Sane Australia

Carer Records Kit (Carers Queensland)

The Economic Value of Informal Care in Australia in 2015

Family drug support online 

Young carers:

Carer’s Queensland has a Young Carer Program for people under the age of 25 who provide care and support to a family member or friend who has a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness or who is frail. 

Young Carer’s can support young people through:

  • Providing confidential telephone counselling
  • Small group and face-to-face counselling
  • Giving information about available services and providing guided referrals (this means we do the work for you)
  • Hosting focused workshops and the occasional special events
  • Posting you “A Young Carers Kit”
  • Talking to your school/Uni/Tafe about the best ways they can support you
  • FREE membership for under 18s to The CARE Program…with discounts and other great value products and services.

Carers Queensland Young Carers

Tune in not out

Children of Parents with a Mental Illness:


Carer Support 

Carers typically require access to a number of support services during the course of their caring role. These may include counselling services, respite options, advocacy, basic home support, and so forth. Some of the key supports that you may require are listed here. Click on the blue name to link you to the website.

ARAFMI Qld (mental health carers support)


CARER GATEWAY – 1800 422 737

Department of Human Services (Centrelink) - 132 717 (Carers Line)


MY AGED CARE - 1800 200 422


Nundah Service Centre … 07 3406 9000

Strathpine Service Centre … 07 3293 7500


Caxton Legal Centre - 3214 6333

Queensland Aged and Disability Advocacy (QADA) - 1800 818 338