Australia's Mental and Physical Health Tracker

Australia's Mental and Physical Health Tracker

Thu 9 Aug 2018

The Australian Health Policy Collaboration (AHPC) – an innovative think tank at Victoria University, has launched its latest national report card, Australia’s Mental and Physical Health Tracker. 

The Australia’s Mental and Physical Health Tracker national report card is the first Australian study to quantify the risks of physical health conditions associated with a wide range of mental health conditions including anxiety and depression.

This national report card highlights the strong links between chronic physical ill health and mental ill health.
If you have either a physical or mental condition, you are much more likely to also have the other.

Poor mental health is a major risk factor for poor physical health, and vice versa

  • More than 2.4 million Australians live with a mental health condition and at least one other chronic health condition
  • Having a mental health condition increases the risk of every single major chronic disease
  • There are significant gender differences 

For more information, visit the AHPC website publications page.

The report is also available on the research page under workforce resources on the my mental health website.