Staying Healthy

Click on the items below to find out more about the following services & supports:

CounsellingCounselling services provide a structured conversation about addressing and resolving specific problems, making decisions, working through feelings and inner conflicts or improving relationships with others.

Self Help and Mutual SupportServices that provide information and peer support to people with a lived experience of mental illness, either online or face-to-face. People discuss shared experiences, coping strategies and to provide information and referrals.  

Online Resources - Things that you and your family can do online to look after your mental health and bounce back from a difficult life event.

Helplines  - Information, counselling and referrals via the phone or internet, specialist suicide phone services and treatment programs.

Neighbourhood & Community Centres - A connection point, gathering place and provider of a range of services for local residents.

Wider Health and Community Services - links to directories that will help you find wider health and community services.

Emergency Alternatives - Sick or injured after hours? if it is urgent call 000, if not, there are other options tan making a trip to hospital emergency department.