Community Mental Health Services

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Advocacy - Representing the rights and interests of people with a mental illness, addressing discrimination, abuse and neglect.

Care Coordination - Single point of contact helping to coordinate services and supports across multiple organisations.

Counselling - Structured discussion with a professional to resolve problems, make decisions and work through feelings.

Education, Employment & Training - Provide or support access to education, employment and/or training.

Family & Carer Support - Services for families and carers of people living with a mental illness to help in their carer role and look after own health and wellbeing.

Group Activities - Group-based social and recreational activities to improve quality of life and functioning.

Housing & Accommodation - Ongoing support to help people live independently or provision of accommodation.

Information & Referral - Provision of information about mental health & illness and referrals to supports and services.

Mental Health Promotion & Illness Prevention - Promoting the population’s mental health, reducing discrimination and preventing mental illness.

Personalised Support - Flexible and practical support provided one-on-one by a support worker to meet the needs of a person with a mental illness.

Sector Development & Representation - Information dissemination, advocacy, policy analysis and capacity building for the mental health service sector.

Self-help & Mutual Support - Supports and services provided by peers (i.e. people with a lived experience), including groups and one-to-one support.